Bento Novo Farm

On Bento Novo’s Farm you will find a welcoming paradise and quiet vacation. A rural space near the mountains and the beach, on a region of luxurious green and streams.

Here the visitors will be able to enjoy all the colorful gardens, blue skies, shining sun and clear waters.


Eira (thrashing floor), espigueiro (typical corn drying shed) and telheiros (sheds): originally conceived to dry and store corn, they give a true sensation of living in ancient rural times.



The gardens: every square meter has a guaranteed surprise: with hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and flowers, the Farm has several corners which are all unique. From garden amphitheaters to real "outdoor living rooms" with granite sofas and tables, we can walk through schist paths through woods, shade and water games or lakes.



In our farm we grow several fruit trees. We have kiwi vines, wallnut, persimmon, apple, peach, orange and clementine trees, just to name a few. You can enjoy their shadow and their delicious fruits at the same time!



You will also be able to watch our kitchen gardens and crop fields were we grow vegetables and cereals. With 40.000 square meters of space, you will be able to enjoy your time while walking and strolling around our farm.



Underground springs and wells allow us to hear and see running water while sitting in the gardens.
Along the leisure spaces there are gardens, with hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and flowers, decorative vines, conifers and orchards, with green lawn spaces everywhere and countless flower beds.



Granite can be seen on tables, presses, vats, stairs and walks. Here you can see one of the granite tanks, where you will be able to refresh yourself.



Lawns and gardens can be found all over the farm and our guests are free and very welcome to use them for their leisure time.